Dr. Roxanne Fall, Ph.D., L.L.P.

“Dr. Fall was helpful to my family through a difficult divorce. She helped my children and I through the bereavement and helped us navigate a very difficult visitation agreement. Without her dedication to my family, we would have been lost in the legal system. My children completed school and grew into successful young adults. She was there all the way, as sound guidance, compassionate, and caring! Thank you for never giving up on us!”

“I did not know there was Life beyond the struggle I grew up in. Dr. Fall helped Guide me through building the life I wanted and did not think I was capable of.”

Sharon A. Neumann, SPMC AdvGRS

“Thank you, Sharon, for helping us through our darkest hours after the death of our daughter.”

“You have a special gift for helping people and healing hearts . . . thank you for transforming my life!”

“I feel like a new person.  I can’t even believe how wonderful life is after such a short time working with you!”

“Your knowledgeable presentation and genuine caring presence hit home with our group . . . it was just what we needed as we are struggling with change.”

“Thank you for helping me on my path after so much loss and change.  Your educational support was exactly what I needed.  I’m doing great now.  I will never forget how much your help meant when I needed it most.”

“Thank you for helping me forgive myself and embrace my new life with hope and joy in my heart.”

“I am finally free of the pain I’ve been carrying for so many years after my partner’s sudden death.  I don’t know how to thank you.”

“The two classes I took with you changed my world.  I’m telling everyone I know they should call you and give this priceless gift to themselves.”

“I love your groups!  I’m not hurting inside anymore.  And I now have a safe and loving group to share life with.  It’s beautiful and amazing!”

“You transformed our organization; we wouldn’t be where we are today had it not been for your inspiring and caring support.  Thank you for being there for us.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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